offdutydane (offdutydane) wrote in queerjapan,

Typical dress

Hey Everyone! I'll likely be applying to JET this coming fall and had a few questions.

As a female-bodied person who dresses in a masculine fashion, I'm a bit worried
about what is appropriate to wear on the job and what is not. I really want to be
apart of JET and the whole experience, but I hate wearing skirts and anything
too form-fitting.

I've done somepoking around the JET LJ community and it seems that a lot
of women wore business suits to their interviews at the consulates.
Does this mean that suits/slacks would also be appropriate dress once they
got to Japan?

Now, obviously there are slacks cut for women and slacks cut in men's styles.
Has anyone ( female-bodied ) pulled off wearing men's pants/shirts/jackets/shoes?

Stories, articles, book recs dealing with this would be much appreciated!

I've got a very general picture of what it's like to be LBGT in Japan, but I
still don't know a lot of the specifics.
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