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Queers <3 Drama

Hello, awesome people!

This is a reminder that the new Tokyo International Players show, The Elephant Man, is going up this weekend!

I just came home from a final dress rehearsal, and let me say, this show is *fantastic*. The technical design is brilliant, and the acting? The acting is simply incredible. Bob Werley does this difficult dramatic character beautifully. Noel Adams and Rachel Walzer, the two other principals, go beyond their usually brilliant selves.

So, please, come on down. This is a show you will regret missing.

(I know no one expects quality English acting in Tokyo, but trust me on this one)

The Elephant Man
By Bernard Pomerance
October 12 at 7:30
Oct 13 at 2:00 and 7:30
Oct 14 at 2:00 and 7:30
at Shinjuku Sun Mall Theater (Please note this is not performed at TAC)

Based on the life of Joseph Merrick, this is a touching drama about a remarkably sensitive and intelligent man who is wrapped inside a hideously deformed body. This is an overwhelming story of immense human suffering, abuse and final salvation thanks to largesse, kindness and humanity.

2 ways to book!
Visit and click on RESERVE
email to our NEW email:

Enjoy the show!

Please visit TIP online for shows, maps, auditions and more!
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