D.T.G (steepingthought) wrote in queerjapan,

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New Year's Eve

This past New Year's Eve was the first New Year's Eve my boyfriend I spent together. My boyfriend is Japanese and I am American. I am completely out to all my family and friends. My boyfriend is a little more reserved than I am. However, everyone in his family has met me on many occasions as I am over his house often. Furthermore, mostly all of them know that him and I are in a relationship and love each other. This New Year's my boyfriend and I spend the coming of the new year with his family. It was so nice to eat secchi with his mom, to have drink with his aunt, to pray next to boyfriend at the alter set for his ancestors who have passed. He tells me his family is not perfect and we talk about the times members of family fall short of what we hopped. We do the same when talking about our family. We share times with each other when we feel we have both fallen short. Feeling included is nice. I am lucky to be where I am. 2009 is going to be fantastic.
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